Race Simulator Rental In Singapore!

The Ultimate Race Simulator!

Wondering how to make your party interesting without doing much with the décor and other elements? Need a setup that can keep everyone busy and entertained? Don’t want to waste on multiple items that are not sure of keeping everyone engaged? If so, then we have got Simulator game rental as the perfect choice!

If you are planning on a sporty theme, our race simulators is the perfect choice! The race simulator is also perfect for both adults & children! 

Not only do our race simulator rig rental work for your party but, we are proud of its versatility that allows it to fit efficiently in office promotions, workshops or other events as well!



  • Big screen displays and multi-monitor or VR options

  • Professional control systems

  • Realistic race experience

  • F1 and other racing simulator software

  • Well trained and experience operators

  • Delivery, assembly and removal- all at one place