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Magic Of Markson | Singapore Magician
Magic Of Markson | Singapore Magician

Markson started falling in love with the art of Magic at the age of 7, little did he know that one day his passion and hobby would turn into his full time career. Fast forward a few years, Markson's love for Magic grew even stronger when he started venturing into the art of stage Magic, his teachers in school was very supportive and have given him his first few opportunities to perform for thousands of his other schoolmates in school's assembly, festive celebrations and even talent competitions in and outside of school. 

By the age of 13, Markson have already won multiple awards from various competitions and was already getting paychecks for his Magic performance for shopping mall events, birthday parties and company's functions. Soon, by the age of 18, Markson have already toured 6 countries with over 3000 live shows and was headlining his own solo show onboard international cruise ships! 

It's been nearly 2 decades since Markson started his Magical journey, he now found his calling to focus on children's birthday parties. Being a father of 2 himself, he realized there is more joy, happiness and satisfaction when performing for kids. Together with his team of professional artistes such as balloon sculptors, face painters, game hosts, jugglers and snakes charmer, we strive to not only provide the best birthday party experience but one that will never be soon forgotten!

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