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Magic Of Markson | Singapore Magician
Magic Of Markson | Singapore Magician

Markson started falling in love with the art of Magic when he was just 7 years old. With the help of his mentors and unconditional support from his family, Markson's Magical journey couldn't be more exciting!

By the age of 12, Markson became the youngest Magician in Singapore to win multiple awards from numerous competitions! Soon, Markson became recognized both locally and internationally and was invited to perform in numerous private events for major corporations, sold out theater shows and even international cruise ships!

Things got even more exciting when Markson became a full time Magician when he was 18! He was specially invited to perform for more than 2000 live shows in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, India and even the Maldives!

Markson's inspiring story have also capture the attention of our local news media and was featured in both Lian He Wan Bao & The Newpaper respectively.

Till date, it have been 18 years since Markson started his Magical journey and he is still constantly improving his show with the latest innovations. Markson's live Magic Show will be unlike anything you have ever seen! It's exciting, unique and most importantly memorable!

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