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FIRST Magician In Singapore Invited To Perform In MALDIVES For A Kid's Birthday Party!

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Over the years, Magic Of Markson Kids Party had the privileged to performed in many countries and in several international cruise ships. Recently, Markson became the FIRST Magician in Singapore to perform in MALDIVES for a 5th birthday party!

Singapore's Birthday Party Magician Performs For A Kid's Birthday Party In MALDIVES!

The 3 days 2 nights experience was amazing, fun and memorable! In this blog post we will show you some of the photos and videos that we took (off and on) stage in our short holiday + live performance in Maldives!

To begin the blog post, Maldives isn't a unfamiliar place to Markson. Markson and his wife Karine actually went to Maldives last year for their honeymoon! They stayed at the Club Med Kani during their 5 days 4 night trip! There was endless amount of activities such as snorkelling, volleyball, karaoke, live seafood BBQ and more! The couple definitely had a great time staying at Club Med's premium Sea-view villa which cost them nearly $10,000 for 4 nights! Here is a video clip of their honeymoon trip:

Little did they know that in less than a few months, they will be invited back not just for another holiday but for business as well!

A parent from Maldives first found our website on Google and was impressed by our testimonials, photos and videos that he wanted to fly Markson and his team all the way to Maldives for his son's 5th birthday party. After a few days of discussions with less than 2 week's of preparation, Markson and his team is all set to fly to Maldives and soon to become the first Magician in Singapore to be invited there to perform for a kid's birthday party!

Upon arrival, our client Adhly have arranged transportation to put us up in a nice sea view hotel with 24 hours of meals service! That is basically all for our first day as by the way we arrived to the hotel, it was already 12 midnight.

Very early the next day, we had our breakfast at the beach with a beautiful scenery!

Singapore Children's Birthday Party Magician, Markson Performs In MALDIVES!

After a relaxing morning at the beach, our client gave Markson a call asking him if he would like to try scuba diving! Markson is a little afraid of sea creatures (especially sharks) and knowing that there are tons of sharks in Maldives, Markson was reluctant at first but after a few hours of convincing, he decided to give scuba diving a try for the very first time!

The entire process was also caught on tape! Special thanks to our client Adhly!

It's simply beautiful and amazing isn't it?

After 2 afternoon divings, Markson returned to his hotel for rehearsals. One of the challenge we faced is to train up a wild bird and a wild rabbit within 24 hours for our live performance the next day. Being worked with Animals for more than a decade, the animals soon became tamed and ready to amaze the little children.

After another day of rest, Markson was all set and ready to entertain the important guests at Dhiyan's 5th magical birthday party! The entire ballroom was filled with nice balloon decors, dessert table, generous buffet spread and even a huge backdrop with Markson's logo on it!

Here are some pictures captured during the amazing birthday party:

Singapore Magician With The Birthday Boy In Maldives!

Dhiyan The Birthday Boy!

Children Of All Ages Entertained By Singapore's Award Winning Birthday Party Magician!

Amazed & Entertained By Markson's Kids Magic Show!

After all it is a memorable and successful birthday party!

Ultimately, the birthday party was a huge success! Such a great and wonderful experience for us too!

We love Maldives so much and we can't wait to be back!

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Looking forward to hear from you soon!



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