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Jason & Aaron's Awesome Birthday Party At Kidz Amaze!

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Magic Of Markson Kids Party have the privilege to be part of many exciting and fun birthday parties every week. However, this particular party have really caught our attention! The party is so fun and successful that we have to make a blog post out of it! So that parents like you can benefit from the informations that we are about to share, enjoy!

Having a successful birthday party is all about doing things RIGHT. Let's go into details about what Mummy Sylvia did for Jason & Aaron's double birthday party celebration!

Special thanks to Mummy Sylvia for the interview and being so willing to share your points and views to other parents (Smile!)

Party Tips Number 1: Getting The Party Venue First Before Anything Else!

This should be the FIRST and the most IMPORTANT step that every parent should do before anything else! You need to book the party venue first as you will need to state the venue in the invitation card and to plan on the guest list accordingly based on the capacity of pax that the venue allows! You definitely want your guests to be comfortable!

So Mummy Sylvia before anything else have booked the Kidz Amaze's party room!

(At Toa Payoh SAFRA)

Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh SAFRA (Kid's Birthday Party!)

She didn't just book 1 but ALL 2 of the party rooms! For example if 1 party room can only fit 50 guests, and if you are intending to invite more than 50 guests, it is a great idea to ensure that your party venue or in Mummy Sylvia's case, 2 party rooms to ensure that your guests are comfortable!

Here are also 2 reasons why you should hold your child's upcoming birthday party in Kidz Amaze!

1) They have a HUGE indoor playground!

- Forget about bouncy castles! This huge indoor playground can keep the kids entertained for hours! They even have a separate ball pit room for toddlers!

2) Their party rooms are spacious!

- Kidz Amaze's party rooms are bigger than most condominium's function rooms! The space is perfect and spacious enough to hold your buffet spread, dessert table, and entertainments! Kidz Amaze even provide tables and chairs for the children to have their meals!

Kidz Amaze's Under The Sea Party Room!

Party Tips Number 2: After Booking The Venue, Now Work On The Guest's List Based On The Capacity The Venue Can Hold!

Awesome! Now that you have already booked the party venue, you should work on the guest's list based on the amount of pax that the party venue can hold! Mummy Sylvia have made a really good point and that is:

Mummy Sylvia: Some guests would not turn up on the actual day based on many reasons such as flu, children being sick or that they have something urgent to attend to and sometimes, the opposite happens! Guests might also bring along their other siblings, just ensure that your party venue is flexible to hold a little bit more kids just in case that there are any last minutes surprises!

One of the other things that Mummy Sylvia have did right is to book 2 party rooms as she has about 90 - 100 guests attending on the RSVP! Having said that, RSVP is also important so that you know how much food to cater and the types of entertainments to booked.

Speaking about food and snacks, are you ready to see what's on Jason & Aaron's birthday party menus? Here we go!

Hungry Yet? There's More!



There There Popcorns & Marshmallows Too!

And Of Course, The Candy Station!

You Thought That's All? There Are Crepes Too!

There Is Even Someone To Serve Your Guests!

Amazing isn't it? This looks more like a Carnival rather than a birthday party!

Party Tips Number 3: Getting The Right Entertainer & Photographers!

Amazed by the food and snacks yet? Let's move on to entertainments! Magic Of Markson Kids Party is honoured to be part of this awesome birthday party! So what entertainments are there that day?

We Started Off With Some Face & Arm Paintings!

And A Mine Craft Mascot! As Jason & Aaron Loves Mine Craft!

Opps, EVERYONE loves mine craft!

Fire Eating Show!!!

And Of Course, The Live Animals Kids Magic Show By Markson!

And Of Course, The Cake Cutting Ceremony!

Looks like a really fun party? It is! We have asked Mummy Sylvia to share some suggestions and advice for other parents who are planning for their child's birthday party and here it is:

1) Book the venue early! To prevent disappointments!

2) Book the BEST entertainers early as they are always booked way in advanced and they are important! They entertain and keep the kids in control!

3) Find food that are popular! Saybons is very popular and very reliable with top notch services! If budget is an issue, live stations always pleases the crowd! Especially candy floss!

4) Remember to enjoy the party yourself! Yes, it might be tiring and it may seem like a lot of work but your child only stay his/her age once in a lifetime! Enjoy this moment together with them!

5) Remember to SMILE! If you do, everyone else will!

6) Get a good photographer & videographer if budget allows! You want to remember this moment for the rest of your life!

That's all from Mummy Sylvia! Having said all that, here is a video highlight of the entire party!

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