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Everything You Need To Know About Our Games Hosting Services!

Hi there!

First of all, thank you so much for considering to book our (Games Hosting) for your child's upcoming birthday party! Games hosting is indeed one of the most popular services!

Below are the most commonly asked questions by our clients and we believe that the next 3-4 minutes of your time reading this blog post will further convince that your choice of engaging our Games Hosting Services is a right decision!

Let's start off by the number 1 most commonly asked question


With over a decade in the industry, we know what works and what doesn't! The 3 default games that we play are the following:

1) Music Chairs Or Statues!

This is by far the BEST and considered the FAVOURITE of all times! Depending on venue, if there isn't enough chairs for this game, our professional game host will play musical statues instead! This game works perfectly for children from aged 4 - 10.

2) The Longestttttttttt Breathe!

The birthday child will be invited to set the high score for this game by saying (Thank You) to everyone who attends the party but for as long as he/she can! The rest of their friends will then challenge to break the high score by timing how long each player can say different words such as (Happy Birthday) for as long as they can! This game guarantees to spark off lots of laughters, cheers & claps! This is the by far the most interactive game that a children's birthday party can ever experience!

3) The Classic Simon Says OR Treasure Hunt!

The (classic simon says) that everyone loves to play! This game not only guarantees to be fun but also exciting & challenging at the same time!

However, depending on the number of kids, our game host might change this game to (Treasure Hunt) the treasure hunt is only suitable for more than 30 kids! Our game host will do the necessary changes depending on situations.

Perfect! Now that you know what games we are playing, let's move on to the next few most commonly asked question!

Question Number 2: For Which Age Group Are Your Games Suitable For?

Aged 4 - 10, any other age group would either be too young or too old for games hosting!

Question Number 3: Are Prizes Included? What Are The Prizes?

Yes! Simple prizes will be provided such as candies, chocolates & jellys! You can also prepare your own gifts if you like! Our party game host can help distribute the gifts if needed!

Question Number 4: Will MARKSON Be The One Hosting The Games?

Depending on schedule, if there is no other parties at your booked timing, Markson will be hosting the games for you if not a professional game host will be assigned. Definitely someone who can do a credible job!

Question Number 5: Games seems simple! I Think I Can Do It Myself!

Yes! You can definitely host the games hosting yourself however, booking a professional game host is a better choice for you! As you will most likely be busy entertaining your guests and furthermore, all of our game hosts brings along a professional music system with microphone thus no need for you to lose your voice especially in a party with many children!

There you go! We have come to an end of the party blog! Should you have anymore questions unanswered above, please feel free to contact any of our staffs for clarifications!

See you at the party!