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7 ways to save money on a kid's birthday party!

Here are some fun ways to throw an awesome kids birthday party in Singapore, without spending a BOMB!

Yay! It’s your child's birthday again soon, and you are getting all emotional with all the sweet memories of when he/she was born and how fast they are growing up!

However, reality sinks in. Yes, your child is pestering you that he wants a fancy birthday party, just like their best friend had last month!

Sure, birthday parties can be lots of fun, memorable and super entertaining! But, they can also be very tiring, demanding, and many times, expensive!

However, if you believe that a child's birthday party only happens once a year and you don't mind spending more, that's great! There are also however some parents in Singapore who wants the best for their kids but budgeting is really an issue, this blog post will definitely benefit all parents! After-all, saving some money from the birthday party isn't a bad thing, if budget is not an issue, by saving some money from the birthday may offset some money off your family's next staycation or overseas trip! It is definitely a bonus, so do take some time to read this blog post!

Here are some fun ways to throw an awesome kid's birthday party here in Singapore without spending a BOMB! Are you ready? Here we go!

Party Venues!

Birthday Parties In Condo's Function Room!

The first and perhaps the most expensive, the venue! If you think about the major costs around any party, location will top the list. Good news is, it can easily be avoided!

When organising a kid's birthday party, consider your home as the first option. Simply because it’s free! If you are living in a condominium, that's a bonus! Most condo's function rooms are perfect to hold a children birthday party and it normally cost nothing!

If you think that it will get too messy at home, why not use that huge pool in your condo or the multi-purpose hall beneath your flat? You’ll probably have to seek prior permission, but it’s worth it!


There is just too much ways to send your invites these days. Consider to keep it personal by making a handwritten invite on a brightly coloured paper or search online for free printable!

Keep the party's theme in mind while selecting an invite so it would make everything look in sync! (Wink!)

Another suggestion is to print out your kid’s photo and adding a text invite beneath it! If you don’t have the time or patience to make an invite for every guest, don’t worry.

With today's technology, we can finally and easily send out e-invites! Make a cute picture with mobile apps or photo collage along with the invite and WhatsApp them!

Party Decorations!

Birthday Party Decoration Singapore!

This is a tricky one. Party decorations can cost from S$200-S$2000 depending on your needs and wants. When it comes to party décor, the sky is the limit. However, you must limit yourself by allotting a budget for this. There are however still ways to keep it relatively cheap!

1) DIY: Displaying your child's photos using a simple thread and wooden clips could be one of the many ways to create a nice and meaningful decor without spending much! It can be the ideal way to take a walk down memory lane. You could also buy a pack of balloons and a pump to blow them up yourself instead of buying ready pumped balloons from outside.

2) Buy: Daiso is the favourite place to shop not just for parents but for many party planners too!

Daiso are loaded with tons of adorable items which cost S$2 (trust us, they don’t look cheap). But don’t be lazy and pick up the first one you come across; make sure you check the store thoroughly to find the décor you like the most! Trust us, it could easily save you hundreds of dollars!

Birthday Cake!

3D Birthday Cake!

This is one area where we would encourage parents to be less savvy. The birthday cake is one of the most important thing when comes to a birthday party!

However, if it’s a budget birthday party, you don’t need to have a cake that can win an international title. Instead of spending S$50-S$300 on a cake, check out these options:

1) DIY: When your guests appreciate the cake at your party, won’t you be proud to chime in, “Oh the cake? I made it myself!” and then add, “Naah, it wasn’t that difficult.”

We are sure you would love to. With the Internet loaded with ‘easy cake recipes’, it is completely possible to bake your own party cake. Not to mentioned that it could be fun too!

Tip: try to make the cake once before the actual party to make sure you get it right. After all, you don’t want any mess up on the big day, do you?

2) Buy: If you have no time or inclination to bake a cake, we totally understand. Keep a few things in mind while buying the cake from outside and you will still save substantially.

Make sure you order regular flavours (exotic = expensive), have basic and limited cake toppers and don’t over order!

Food For Your Guests!

Catering Services For Birthday Parties In Singapore!

This can be a major expense if you don’t deal with it carefully. One biggest mistake is over ordering! We have been to thousands of birthday parties and 90% of the time, there are way too much left over food! So one key point is to not over order!

Another way to potentially save some money from the food is cooking it yourself! Again, the internet is loaded with many easy recipes! Finger foods such as chips and dips, and french fries are all-time favourites on birthdays and are super easy to make!


Kids Magic Show | Singapore's Birthday Party Magician

This is a must-have for every party! If you leave the guests just to talk among themselves, the energy in the room will drop in no time. Kids, especially, need to be kept entertained, for not just theirs but everyone’s happiness!  

Entertainment need not always be expensive. Speak to us! We have services & entertainment based on every kind of budget, it would be a win-win situation of getting a quality services, keeping the kids entertained and most importantly, without spending a BOMB!

Goodie Bags!

DIY Birthday Party's Goodie Bags!

While you are shopping for party decorations, don’t forget to check out the gifts! Save cost on the gift by being smart and creative. How about making a goodie bag filled with many tiny items like stationery, candy and accessories?

Alternatively, you could have a handmade photo frame with your kid’s photo along with the guest. This one is personalised, cheap and will hit the right cords.

In the end, parties are all about the smiles and having fun! Your guests will remember the fun they had at your party and take back great memories.

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