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4 Biggest Mistake When Comes To Planning For A Children's Birthday Party!

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The 4 Biggest Mistake A Parent Can Make When Comes To Planning For A Children's Birthday Party!

1) Planning the RIGHT activity for the RIGHT age group

This is by far the most commonly made mistake a parent can make when comes to planning for a kid's birthday party. Especially so, if you are dealing with the wrong entertainer or party planner who is just after the dollars and cents and not the success of the party. Not every activity is suitable for any age group of kids. We have seen this situation and problem not once, but many times throughout the years in this industry. Have you ever been to a party where the children are around the age of 9 to 12, but the Magic Show is way too kiddy to entertain them? Or have you ever been to a party filled with toddlers and a Magic Show is way too complex for them to understand? That is why finding the RIGHT entertainer or party planner is so important! They will not only advise on which services would work and doesn't work for different age groups of kids, most will also suggest a variety of services that would work based on the different age group!

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Right here at Magic Of Markson Kids Party, our Magic Show is specially customised to entertain not just the children but the adults as well! Our Magic Show is also specially designed to entertain children of ANY age group, as long as they are above the age of 4. Any younger than that, a Magic Show would not be appropriate. Children below the age of 4 are normally attracted to colourful things, services such as Balloon Sculpting, Ball Pits & Bouncy Castles are some of the services we would recommend for toddlers and kids below the age of 3.

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The biggest problem anyone could face during an outdoor party is BAD WEATHER! Having a outdoor party can be relaxing, cozy and fun! Not until the dark clouds appear and it started to rain. This problem can easily be solve by holding the party indoor! If not, remember to have a backup plan in case of bad weather! A party with flooded water, food and shoes being soaked with rain-water and no proper area for your guests to sit is truly a nightmare!

Holding the main entertainments such as Magic Show in indoor venues is always better, holding it outdoor will not only disturb your neighbours with the loud music and usage of microphone but also the cheering and screaming of the kids. Holding a party indoor definitely has more advantages than an outdoor party.

Nonetheless, with the right entertainer and party planner, an outdoor party can still be fun and STRESS FREE! As most party planner will also plan for a backup plan for you in an event if it were to rain on the actual day.

3) Ordering too much food!

Catering is a MUST for most events & parties, however over ordering can be avoided easily and can literally save you hundreds of dollars! 70% of the parties we attend have at least 30-40% of leftover food, the leftover are either to be thrown away or DABAO (packet home) by your guests.

But it is better than having not enough food right? Yes, that is why RSVP is so important! Children normally doesn't eat that much, 1 serving of food for the adults can potentially serve 2-3 children. Having a RSVP list with a number of adults & kids can solve this problem.

For example if you have 40 adults attending & 20 children in total. How many pax of food should you cater? The answer is 20% more than the amount of adults attending, which is 48 pax. Would that be too risky? Not at all, not forgetting that some guests would not be able to attend last minute due to various reasons. If you are worried, you can always order 20-40% more but never exceed 50%! Unless you don't mind lots of leftovers for the next day's breakfast! (Wink)

4) Comparing Prices!

Yes, planning a total budget for the party is important and you should never exceed your budget. However, do not choose the company or entertainer based on comparing prices! Why? For example, if you are intending to book an activity example: A Balloonist to sculpt balloons for the children. You asked a few companies for quotes and to your surprise, you get quoted as high as S$200 per hour to as low as S$50 per hour. Which would you go for?

Before answering this question, you should ask yourself another question. Your child's birthday party happens only once a year, should you go for the cheapest? Or the most expensive? Truth is the cheapest isn't always the best and the most expensive might not be the best either. So which should you choose?

The BEST SOLUTION IS, never decide based on pricing. Instead, sit down together with the birthday child and your spouse to look through each company's profile, photos or better if there are videos and real live reviews. Let the birthday child choose his or her favourite. Look through the different balloonist, painters, magicians, clowns and all the different types of entertainers that you are intending to book with the birthday child and let him choose based on 3 important keys:



3) Lastly, and the most importantly, the reviews (BY ACTUAL PARENTS) on their Facebook page or website!

With that, we are pretty confident that your child's upcoming birthday party is going to be fun, exciting and memorable! We hope that the above information have benefitted you in a way or another, till next time! Cheers!

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