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Add lots of colors to your child's upcoming birthday party with our professional balloonist! 

Balloon twisting or commonly known as balloon sculpting is seen in almost EVERY birthday parties, simply because adults and kids loves it!

For decades, children attract themselves to balloons and they feel extremely special upon receiving a special balloon sculpture from our friendly and professional balloonist!


This is a MUST HAVE for every children's birthday party! Don't be shy as our balloonists will approach you to ask for your favorite balloon designs!

Our balloonist sculpting services can accommodate up to 25 sculptures per hour of balloon sculpting!​


Add lots of colors to your child's upcoming birthday party with our professional face painters!

Transform into your favorite cartoon characters, princesses or superheroes with our premium face / arm painting! You name it, we paint it!

The face paints and glitters that we used are made with the highest quality from the UK that is 100% safe for skin, vibrant in colors and easily washable with water!

Most importantly, our face painters are fast, friendly, creative and professional!

Our face painting services can accommodate up to 25 paintings per hour! 

*One table & 2 chairs is required*

Glitter tattoo

Be it a boy or a girl's party, our glitter tattoo never fail to impress!


With hundreds of designs to choose from and a wide selection of shiny glitters, your party will be filled with so much colors! 

Here are 2 reasons why our clients prefer glitter tattoo:


1) Our glitters are waterproof! Even if you jump into the pool, the beautiful tattoo remain undamaged! Glitters will not smerge unlike painting if the kids run around.


2) Glitter tattoos are so much faster! Which means you don't have to worry about kids not getting their tattoo on time! We can accommodate to over 30 children in an hour!

*One table & 2 chairs is required*

Event's photography

Magic Of Markson Kids Party have gathered and trained a group of passionate and professional photographers to be part of our team!


Making your party planning process so much easier and smoother! 


Going the extra mile is what our photographers are taught to do! Focus on timeless moments, capturing priceless expressions of both clients and the guests!

Having plan so much and probably spending a good amount of money, you definitely want to engage a good photographer who can help by capturing the key moments and smiles for your family and child to keep for a lifetime! 

Photos will be edited and send to you within 1 week! Editing of photos are also included!

Games hosting

Maximize the fun at your child's upcoming birthday party with our highly interactive games hosting!


Our interactive games hosting have always been a big hit for every children's birthday parties!


It is a perfect session to hype up your guests and their kids and it will definitely get everyone in the mood for an awesome party! 

Our experienced game hosts provides only the best suitable games for kids of different age group, even if the kids are of older age groups, we are able to customized the games for them! 


What's more? We will ensure that every single participant get to walk home that day with a prize! Professional sound system & microphone is included!


Finally! An activity that is not just suitable for the kids but is also for the adults! 

Forget about party goodie bags and candies! Our caricature services is a perfect gift for your guests and will be kept by them for a long period of time!


Our caricaturist is a multi award winner and have also been specially invited to countries such as Korea for a year's contract and he is finally back in Singapore!

Each artwork is carefully drawn to perfection and is extremely realistic! Plastic sheets to protect the artwork will be provided as well!​


An hour of caricature can accommodate up to 15 artworks. A table and two chairs is required for our caricature services.


Our company only have one simple objective in our mind and that is to offer our clients with high quality, safe and clean bouncy castles for their upcoming events! 

Why you should book our bouncy castles?

  1. Unique Designs

All of bouncy castles are custom designed by our skillful specialists who make sure that they not only fun but also provide photo-centric vibes.


  1. Quality Material

We provide the highest quality PVC material made for commercial use to ensure it’s safe and clean to play in!


  1. Affordable Prices

We offer the best prices in the market with better deals for all packages we have to offer.

Contact Us To View Our Bouncy Collection!

Popcorn & candy floss

Finding a popcorn & candy floss machine rental in Singapore has never been easier!

Our company is known to make some of the finest popcorn & candy floss around & we only stock our machines with the finest quality kernels to ensure quality & satisfactory! 

Sweet and buttery, served fresh and hot, it’s everyone’s favorite Popcorn! Our Popcorn Machine will be an all-rounder satisfaction for your guests! Watch as queues are formed to get a hold of our popcorns & candy floss! Guests can start drooling as they watch the popping done by our friendly staffs LIVE too!

FREE Delivery and set up service with friendly staff to serve your guests! 2 tables & 2 chairs as well as a power supply socket is required.​

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