Why opt for Ball Pit Rentals?

Kids Loves it!

The first and most important reason to add a ball pit in your kid’s birthday is that children simply love it. It is an instant hit when kids see the ball pool and try jumping in to play within. The colourful scheme and the softballs make it eye-catchy as well as safe for kids. Even parents rest assured when their kids are safe in the children giant ball pit with friends and play peacefully.

Numerous Activities with One Pool

Another reason why you should choose our giant ball pit compared to all other activities, is the number of ways you can use it. Kids can play with the balls by catching and throwing them. They can color code it as a part of engaging activity. Kids can simply jump on the bouncy surface of the inflatable pool and engage in a few games. The scope of innovative activities is numerous, and so it is a cost-effective option compared to the ten things you were originally planning to rent.

Different Types and Sizes

We offers you different types and sizes of colorful ball bits for children. The different types help in keeping out the monotonous taste of seeing the same types everywhere. And different sizes help to sort out the problem of the play area space.

The different types of ball pit rental include –

  • High-density foam modular block ball pit rental

  • EPP foam brick ball pool rental

  • Customized LED ball pit rental

  • Inflatable ball pool


  • 4m x 1.5m x 0.5m

  • 4m x 3m x 0.5m

  • 5m x 4m x 0.5m


  • 2.4m x 2.4m x 0.6m

  • 3m x 3m x 0.6m

  • Customizable to your required size and height. 

  • Customizable to mini Playland with sealed air inflatables / high-density foam playground

Safe and Hygienic –

Our top priority is safety and hygiene. The kids’ ball pool may carry bacteria and many harmful elements. Therefore, we use a multifunctional ball pit cleaner with Certified child-safe solution to keep the pool safe for children. The multifunctional indoor playground disinfection machine improves the air conditioning and kills bacteria without any harm to the equipment. We also make sure than we clean the equipment as well as collect all the balls after every event.